tomland ridal mint on card

Ridal is another of the original "Famous Monsters of Legend" that has been repackaged into the Star Raiders line. He is an action figure of the Cyclops from the movie "The Seventh Voyage of Sinbad" but he fits pretty well into the line. He was released in a glow in the dark version, on Star Command cards, Famous Monster of Legend and Glow Famous Monsters of Legend. There is also a small "Starroid Raider" of the same character.

tomland cyclops

Here's a small shot of Ridal on his "Famous Monsters of Legend" card, where he's blatantly called "Cyclops", think that Tomland got the license to do that? No sireee Bob! They also swiped that image of the Cyclops from this colouring book. Now that's a knock off!

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tomland Coth from Star Raiders

The mush harder to find Glow in the dark Koth from the later release (courtesy of Mego

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tomland ridal mint on card

Here is Ridal on a Calfax "Star Command" card, a small number of characters were sold under this banner.

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