Tomland Famous Monsters of Legend Frankenstein

Tomland Famous Monsters of Legend Frankenstein

A good close up shot of Tomland Frankenstein shows that the relationship to his Lincoln Monster counterpart is not as obvious, the head sculpt has been changed signifigantly to give it a look closer to Universal but generic enough to not infringe. Bolts in the head as opposed to the neck seem to be a standard of knock off Frankenstein dolls.

Tomland Famous Monsters of Legend Frankenstein

The Tomland Frankenstein figure, like all in the series is barefoot. While his outfit is pretty much the "standard Frankenstein", the loud red sweater sets it apart from the more obvious green.

tomland Dracula

The Frankenstein Family From left to right: Lincoln International Frankenstein, Tomland Mini Monster Frankenstein and Tomland Frankenstein show the slight but not as obvious relationship between the figures.

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Tomland Famous Monsters of Legend card back

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It seems Tomland and Lincoln International had some sort of connection as they both releasedversions of these Monster Action Figures.

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