Tomland Famous Monsters of Legend Morlock

Another monster from series one whose "legend" comes more from a movie than anything else. Eventhough HG Welles "The Time Machine" was in public domain, the Morlock pictured here is clearly inspired by George Pal's film. Tomland gave the character a kicky jacket and ascot for some unknown reason (it was the 70s). They did have the foresight to give the character a whip.

The Morlock was also sold as "Bico" in the Star Raiders line, click here to visit that page in the Tomland Star Raiders Gallery

tomland Dracula

Second series Morlock which glows in the dark, these are easier to find because they were also released under the Star Raiders banner. Most loose glow Morlocks found were probably Star Raiders as they saw much wider distribution than second series FMOL. The one above has a repro whip and is missing his neckerchief.

tomland Morlock on glow card

Carded Second series FMOL Morlock has some pretty colourful and dynamic artwork which is obviously meant to ape the original Savee look, I love the colours on this one.

It is assumed that there is a Morlock mini monster kicking around out there but one has never turned up.

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