tomland Snowman

The abominable Snowman is somewhat unique to the first series in that he a) is the only monster in the series not based on a film property and b) his card bears two names. Technically the figure is called "The Abominable Snowman Yeti" on the packaging. His design doesn't match the Savee inspired card art as much as the others either. It's close but not as glaringly obvious.

The Abominable Snowman was also sold as "Tago" in the Star Raiders line, click here to visit that page in the Tomland Star Raiders Gallery

tomland Yeti

First series Snowman figure on a Kresge card, these are easier to find but they're not entirely common, expect to pay a couple of hundred for one.

tomland abominable Snowman on glow card

Second series glow Abominable Snowman on the card, note that the word "Yeti" has been dropped and the revised artwork now resembles the character. The figure can occasionally be found (Although it's still a tough piece) due it to having a secondary release as a Star Raider but this is the first time the second series FMOL card has surfaced.

The Yeti Mini Monster has surfaced in the past as well, I just don't have a decent picture of one, maybe you do and would like to share with me?

This gallery is a work in progress and could use your help If you have figures, cards or items we don't and would like to share them (or sell them) Please drop us a line! Always buying.

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It seems Tomland and Lincoln International had some sort of connection as they both released versions of these Monster Action Figures.

It seems Tomland and Lincoln International had some sort of connection as they both releasedversions of these Monster Action Figures.

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